Independent Financial Advice

We will also manage your planning to give you financial security during your lifetime and make arrangements that take into consideration the possible need for long-term care in the future.

But with financial market place continually changing, and new products constantly becoming available, seeking expert advice on new opportunities, as well as to regularly review old policies is a wise move.

At WBV we have personal finance partners, who are regulated by the Financial Services Authority as independent financial advisers. Therefore, we are able to offer the opportunity for clients to regularly review their financial arrangements, both personal and business.

We offer a no-cost review as a starting point, with the option of ongoing reviews to ensure that clients are aware of, and able to take advantage of, opportunities suited their objectives and attitudes to risk.

Areas where we can advise you, and issues which you may wish to consider, include:


  • Greater flexibility in options at retirement
  • Achieving value for money on new pensions charges
  • Property purchase within a pension as a tax planning tool.

Life insurance

  • Regular reviews ensure your policy offers value for money.
  • Critical illness cover
  • Protection if you suffer a critical illness and are unable to work, which you may wish to consider as part of your family and business protection portfolio.
  • Investing for income
  • A complex area, in which expert advice, based on your attitude to risk, is essential.


  • To ensure your mortgage delivers good value for your money and is appropriate to your personal circumstances


For more information about how WBV Chartered Accountants can help you, please contact us.