Tax Compliance

Completing a self assessment tax return can be challenging, as nine million UK tax payers know only too well.

But missing HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) deadlines can result in penalties and interest being charged on late payments, while HMRC is now also taking a tougher line on incorrect returns, with substantial penalties for errors they regard as careless or deliberate.

And although HMRC will calculate your tax, unless you have a good knowledge of taxation, it may not be wise to assume the outcome is correct.

Our tax team will use your records and paperwork to complete your tax return, quickly and cost-effectively. We’ll also aim to save you as much tax as we can by making use of all the reliefs available to you and give you as much notice of your tax liabilities as we can, to maximise the time you have to make payments.

If your tax affairs are ever subject to an HMRC investigation, we will liaise with inspectors on your behalf, making it our priority to bring the investigation to a satisfactory conclusion.


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